Hill's Commitment

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As you may be aware, ingredients sourced from the Texas facility of supplier Wilbur-Ellis contained poultry by-product meal.

Hill’s does not source chicken meal from Wilbur-Ellis, or any ingredients from the Wilbur-Ellis Texas facility. Hill’s has a stringent process for verifying the quality of their ingredients so that pet parents can be confident that what’s on the label is in the bag.


  • Hill’s test all perspective ingredients to determine whether the nutritional consistency is appropriate for their pet food recipes.
  • Hill’s Quality Assurance teams audit and approve each supplier. They inspect their facilities, review all required documentation and audit their quality procedures.
  • They test all ingredient shipments for quality prior to accepting delivery.
  • They conduct ongoing quality audits of suppliers.
  • They also conduct a thorough analysis each year of all their ingredients and suppliers to ensure that they continue to meet their precise specifications.

Hill’s is strongly committed to being the kind of company the veterinarian health care team and pet parents can trust and rely on by providing high-quality, safe products and verifying correct ingredient labeling.