Cat Friendly Practice

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It’s an age-old question: Cats or dogs? The public has spoken. Cats are now out numbering dogs, making up the greater number of home companion animals. In 2011, more than 86 million cats were owned, compared to 78 million dogs. Yet surprisingly, cat wellness and veterinary care do not appear to be as high of a priority among cat owners.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners developed the Cat Friendly Practice Program to ensure that veterinary practices are committed to feline healthcare and implementing cat friendly standards. The program standards and requirements are designed to encourage and facilitate high quality feline veterinary care while addressing the unique challenges and difficulties associated with bringing cats into the veterinary practice.

Here at South Shore Animal Hospital, the entire team has been ecstatic about our recent approval into the Cat Friendly Practice Program. The hospital is the first in Northern Michigan and only one of nine in the entire state! Everyone at the practice is mindful of constantly improving the experience and care of the feline patient. Our team is well versed in feline handling techniques and can expertly deal with frightened cats. We’re constantly focusing on being knowledgeable about the entire feline life stage issues that require special care and attention from kitten to geriatric. Another advantage of our hospital being certified as Cat Friendly is a physical environment that includes a cat only examination area, waiting accommodations, and hospitalization area.

The decision to seek out a Cat Friendly Practice is an important step in securing a veterinary practice that is expertly suited to address your cat’s unique needs and to provide you with advice and information that is critical to your cat’s health. For more information on Cat Friendly Practices or owning a feline companion visit: